Monday, July 27, 2015

Trump: How much more pitiful can it get?

Trump is taking America's political conversation (starting with the GOP) right where it has been showing signs of wanting to go since the rise in popularity of Rush Limbaugh's shclalk style radio talk-show format and FOX broadcasting's unique style of strategically one-sided journalism, that is, to one-sidedness, name-calling, talking over the other side, ad hominem attacks (spiraling into irrelevant personal attacks), bullying, banning, and mindless bantering. Everything money can buy except the dialogue necessary for a country to function. Wielding those same techniques, Trump has assumed control of the national political agenda. In the process, watching him one could argue that, one, Trump is beginning to show signs of dementia, and/or two, his personality development plateaued out at about age 11. And, many Americans look up to him.

The several aforementioned media mogul's well-cultivated childish methods of attempting to devour others who disagree with them are, predictably, are coming back on they who popularized them. Having to deal with Trump now, they have had their own weaponry turned against them. And they are defenseless - so far.

I look at what the CEO of Home Depot said in perhaps a different light than what he had intended. He said "Trump is saying what many American people are thinking". I agree - he is. And because they are thinking like Trump, the problem is in their thinking - if it results in saying things like Trump is saying. Trump is offering a monologue of his own pet peeves without showing the ability to dialogue toward important fact finding and problem solving, much less the civility and maturity to even sit down and begin the process. And the majority of America's Republicans endorse that type of thinking as the way to run a country? They are truly idea-less. It requires more character than that to engage in a democracy. The methods of engagement Trump is proposing destroy dialogue, and then go on to destroy relationships, families, democratic political systems, and eventually everything they touch.

Keep your on Ohio Governor Kasich if a field of legitimate candidates ever breaks out. There is a Republican who is likely to get my vote.