Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Handy Thing for Those of Us Without the Gift of Tongues


Vielen Dank an der Herr, unser Gott aus allen von uns.

Just click here, plug it in the box and set it to translate from German to English.


Thursday, January 14, 2010

I had a blessing today...

A light green egg. Or is it blueish? I think the chicken is starting to decide what color her eggs are going to be. I think green. From an Arcana chicken. They tend to lay eggs of that color. This is the first one. A Robin's egg is much brighter but less of a meal than this one.

I decided yesterday to learn German. Deutsch. I had a year of it high school. As well as a year of Spanish. I walked up to a man and said "No schpreckenzie Deutsch". But rather than feeling satisfied in knowing how to clearly communicate that fact to him - as I had intended - instead I felt very stupid. And rightfully so.

I could be very useful as an interpreter and a teacher to plain church people - of the Anabaptist variety - here and over there. And they do need help. We all do. That fact not diminished. . ., they really need help. It won't be my help but just me assisting in the Lord's work, since He has privileged us all to serve Him and each other through Himself. And there is possibly no greater joy here on earth.

The Developmental Psychology reading assignments for my first college class have been very interesting. Like theological theories psychological theories are organized, coherent sets of specific information that helps us understand, explain and make predictions. By definition they are neither right or wrong. Don't let the foundation of your knowledge 'of', and 'in' the Lord, be based on a theory.

Of course, Jesus said He is telling us these things that so when they came to pass. . . we would know that He is the One whom He said He is.

And I just misquoted scripture didn't I? Or did I?

Actually He says "then you will 'believe' that I am He".

But He means that you will "know". And that is 'why' we know; and that is 'why' we believe!

I'm using TellMeMore German language training software. $300.00, that my credit card seems to believe I have - and, I suspect I may - and, it will be here in two days.

I'm terribly excited.

It's all just a bunch of terribly hard work ahead, but. . . , work in the Lord is Spiritual rest.

Wish me a ton of hard work.