Wednesday, November 07, 2012

The Election, in my opinion

      "No ideas" was beaten out by "No ideas with a level head".

      Times are not good.  America is being outdone economically. The "American dream" is being forced to now slowly come awake.  "It's not good to live in a dream world" and we see why now as we look at what our country has become.  The prosperity of inheriting a big wide open land full of valuable space and resources has ultimately made us lazy both physically and mentally.  Our industry has left.  We mistake Christian values for Mormon values (Mitt Romney), not knowing the difference.  Not even knowing how to define or practice marriage ourselves we have let it fall into a mere legal category.  We sit around at every chance we get and watch games and stories on t.v.  So what would we expect from all of that?  I think it is reasonable to expect a society with "no ideas".

      We do indeed need to tear a lot of things down in this country and start from scratch in many ways, but we need to do it carefully, because everything that is there is there for some important reason.  The only way we can succeed in going through the changing process is to do it in a deliberate and unified manner...  and the way things are going, that's the new "dream world".  The new sound track would probably have to be, "To Dream the Impossible Dream". 

      We are going to have to change the way we think, and who we listen to.  In fact, we are going to have to "think", and then we are going to have to "listen", or we continue down take the low road whereon the foolish dream becomes a very real nightmare.

      The real beauty is that God was in Jesus letting His creation know about Him and how His economy works.  And that there is yet one more new world to journey to for those who listen to God's call to them.  Not to be left behind.  

      The nursing program I am in is consuming all of my time right now.  That will eventually change.  See you then.