Monday, October 31, 2005

Witness Error, Mistaken Identity

After reading a periodic post by Josh on his Human Relations blog, I thought that I would get some of my experiences with the "jehovah witness" religion on the record as well. As a Christian, the differences you have with them begin as soon as they come in the door. They have their own translation of the Bible, which was created along the same line of agenda driven thinking as the original Bible study which propelled the early JW,s back in the early 1800's. And everything that emanates from that unique and distorted treatment of God's Word follows suit.

But when I let my JW friends in the house again yesterday, as always, I regard it as a chance to sharpen myself. Like the Proverb that says something like, "Like stone on stone, men sharpen each other". I have a hard time thinking on my feet and they give me an opportunity to practice the live discussion of God's Word. They seldom argue, and so it's a nice opportunity to share what the Bible says and converse with someone who does not get into a heated arguement. Frankly, it's hard anywhere to find people who enjoy talking about the things they find exciting about the Scripture. However, with these folks, once every few months is more than enough. The material they've been taught is so layered, and crafted in such a way, that they can't give you a straight answer about anything. Nothing, in itself, can they put forward as an answer to my curiosities about their beliefs, but, layer upon layer of disconnected "almost truths". "Almost truths" are not even "half truths", but "non-truths" that sound great as they are being hastily put in front of you...along side all their spectacular contorted artwork to look at. But their evasiveness and procrastination , always telling you that they will get to your question in a while, or next time, marks them as extremely well trained. They cannot sum up their beliefs in an intelligible and contrite way. Making them highly suspicious in their sincerety. I suppose they are afraid it will sound plain ludicrous.
But they don't hold a candle to the mormons. Those guys are out there propounding an amazing mental bellyflop which is based on a dangerous fairytale. And they're destined to overtake Christianity in esteem and popularity the way it seems to be going. They can be a useful teaching tool as an example of what people are capable of believing...however, I suppose, to a much greater degree, they represent a heart breakingly gullible lot.

All you need to get through these episodes is a good literal rendering of what God has told us so far. A version of the Bible that corresponds to what the Author actually said to the guys he picked to say it to. He could not have said all of the things He is alleged to have said in these various fashion marketing Bibles because they all say things that mean something different from each other. That can't be Truth. They come mostly from sincere people who are simply confused and so they changed their rendering of the Bible to mean something that wasn't as confusing to them. Thinking they were saying it better than God could say it. Instead of seeking out someone who could show them how to work through the Bible, and let the Bible itself, alleviate their confusion. That's what Paul said to Timothy. He said to study, and to study all Scripture. Because that's what Paul had been taught by God. Not a bad Teacher. Jesus said not bread alone but EVERY word that comes from the mouth of God was necessary for Life. Part of it, without the rest, may mess you up but the whole thing in completeness will make sense. Certainly seems to me like what, in part, He's saying.

And not a bad teacher as well is Rhinelander Bible Church with regards to questions on exactly where the jehovah's witness's part company with Scripture. Not something very high on the list of "things of interest", but we certainly wouldn't hesitate to assist anyone who finds themselves at a loss when confronted with the JW's. And I better make it clear that I speak for myself and not in any way for Rhinelander Bible Church. I'm simply looking for an excuse to get off of this subject and on to something more worthwhile, while holding the door open for anyone who might need some help seeing past the lack of sound doctrine of the JW's. It's hard as a Christian to tell someone who comes to your door and allegedly wants to talk about Christ, to get lost. Until, that is, you find out how offensive their ideas are to Scripture.

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