Saturday, October 01, 2005

For Instance...

"Almighty God," wrote Comenius in one of his books, "what is happening? Must the whole world perish?" And, with many thanks to God, the answer is, in due time, yes. My flesh does not want the world to perish. But my flesh is dead with no hope except to grow old, and useless, and die, leaving a world, which is visibly decaying year by year ever since its creation, a better place? Really? Maybe the flesh that follows for a brief while until it too realizes that your satisfied fleshly lusts finally leave you empty. Luckily God has shown me how to keep my mind set on the Spirit.

I'm constantly being plagued by the dilemma of how to raise my 6 year old daughter, with the help as well as the hindrance of public school, within a model of a world view that allows her to live "in the world" physically, but "apart" from the world spiritually.

The title that Comenius gave his allegory "The Labyrinth of the World and the Paradise of the Heart" seems to have the components that help describe the world we are told we live in by the New Testament. I think I'm going to familiarize myself with Comenius' works and see how he might help me put into practice the knowledge and wisdom of the gospel of God and pass it along to my daughter. The credit for putting Comenius in front of me would go first to Christianity Today and then to The credit for Comenius, to Jesus Christ. Next time!

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