Friday, December 18, 2009

In A "Brave New" Electronic World

I was reading the news yesterday and came across this report.

So I found the ex-step-father on the web, who seems to be a very influential family court lawyer in Brazil, and I wrote him this email:


Re: the boy

"You've got a very important decision to make.

The boy will ultimately have wanted to exercise his right to have his natural father.

Nor does this child belong to it's grandparents.

If you desire to do the honorable thing by the boy then return the boy to his father and visit him occassionally. Not everyone would have the financial means to do that. But you do. I'm guessing that this boys father would be more than happy to accomodate your and the boy's friendship. As well as your mother-in-law.

Consider yourself fortunate if you never have a child abducted. I can tell you this with great assuredness, yet, I was fortunate enough to get mine back. May you never feel what this boy's father has felt.

Be careful, this boy needs you to do the right thing.

The Lord's peace to you.


One does what one can.

One does what one has to.

Sunday, December 13, 2009


Shall I learn to write? I should better say so. And it would be about time.

If I'm going to start back to school in January for nursing, learn again the algebra, geometry, physics and etc. plus, alas, nursing, then why not learn how to effectively put my thoughts down in print while I'm at it. Maybe I'll find out, finally, that I have nothing to say? That would be a burden lifted.

And so I will.

Wow. I've found the neatest website that makes learning to write so easy for me to understand. It's right here. Capital Commuity College Foundation.

I can't tell you how many times I've gone back to my second from last blog entry and was aghast at my inability to get the grammar right - even the thoughts right - ; re-writing it and re-writing it. Running on and on, never knowing how to punctuate, arrange or defragmentize. What an opportunity this will be. By learning to write I can finally clear my mind of all this rubbish that I feel I have to put in order, knowing how better to use 'what' or 'which' or 'this' or 'that'.