Sunday, December 13, 2015

Hymn - O Come, All Ye Faithful

    Here is some fun I was having with O Come, All Ye Faithful, back in 12/19/2007.  I'm trying to get back to more piano playing, but the fiddle keeps getting in the way - and the guitar keeps interfering with that.  But school is the main culprit here getting in the way of them all.  School is over in 3 days.  I will have a diploma that will enable me to begin drug and alcohol counseling.  I think I'm going to begin a Master's degree in Community Mental Health in May with University of Southern New Hampshire, that way, ultimately, I can work on my own as a licensed professional counselor.  USNH is one of the universities recommended by the State of Wisconsin (which has some of the stiffest requirements in the country), and have a satellite location a half an hour away in Wausau.  I will attend remotely with one weekend of classes per month in Wausau.  An MS Degree will enable me to practice privately and help people in all areas of psychological need. 

     To find the hymn, open the page with the link below and scan down the list for O Come, All Ye Faithful.  This is a page I lost access to after a website software glitch 6 years ago which contains songs that need to be deleted or updated, but can't be.  Ignore those and enjoy the upcoming birthday celebration of God the Son, His visitation, and His deliverance of His tidings of great joy.