Thursday, December 22, 2005

A Lesson For Me In Sufficiency

Well, here you are again checking my blog to see if I have anything interesting to say. I'm sorry to say that I'm off being a proud and enthusiastic single parent to my 6 1/2 yr. old daughter; or most likely working like mad at my piano playing and song writing, trying to make a joyful noise that points to the Lord; or maybe I just put shoes on a draft horse and I'm to tired right now to do anything but move my eyes; or hopefully studying scripture so that I can be a useful member for the body of Christ. Who knows? But thanks for being out there willing to talk about the things we find exciting about scripture together. I suppose that's one of the ways all the members of the Body stay connected. Until I can make enough money at studying the Word and writing and playing piano to that end, I guess I'll see you here and there from time to time. And that should be more than sufficient. I thank Christ for all of the sufficiency, and the excitment that someone who loves God's word has stopped by.



Rose~ said...

Hi Todd,
Interesting post about the things you spend your time doing. I will keep checking back from time to time to see if you are inspired to write a post about something you see in God's Word or world. Thanks for the link!

Todd said...

Thanks for dropping by Rose. My slow season has just started so I hope I can share some things a little more often than usual.

I'm amazed at what a tool this blogging can be towards growth in the Word. Happy studying and the sharing of the fruits!

With a mutual love for our heavenly Father, and talking about it, Todd

Rose~ said...

Here I am again, checking your blog. :~)

Julianne said...

Who are you and how do you know Rufus???


Todd said...
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Todd said...

by the way, I've added my email address to my blog page just in case it would serve better than a comments section.

Todd said...

Well hello Julianne,
I'm...well I'm... who I've said I am in the rest of this blog. By learning how to discern who people are from what they "say", you can know me well from what I've said in this blog and commented elsewhere, better than most of my closest friends. Learning how to discern who people are by things they say takes meeting a lot of people and a lot of different kinds of people. You're 19 years old and have just started that magical process. But there will come the time when you are thirty, instead of almost 20, and will look back at yourself and say "wow, was I young and, well, dumb!" So hang in there. It may be that you are not really dumb now, but it is true that your life has just barely begun.

And how I "know" Rufus is, because he's presented himself clearly, as a very clever man with a very unique and rare sense of humor, by my own humble reckoning, who AFTER SIXTY SOME YEARS AND IN SPITE OF, what he has been through (even if it is entirely made up), has still got it! "It", meaning the extreme playfulness of mind, and the ability to be creative and hilarious. That's all I can truly know. And it's more than enough.

And the guy shows up on Christian blogs and if not already, is on his way to finding and knowing the one true God and Father through Christ. Makes it even more fun to watch! Good luck J., hope that answered it for you. Congratulations for your own love of Christ.