Thursday, November 25, 2010


Pride: Failing to recognize in all you do that, if it were not directly God Himself doing it, then, it was at least He who let you.

--T.S. not Elliot


Bhedr said...

Good discriptive definition. Can I borrow that? Who is T.S?

Bhedr said... came up with that. Goooood one boo.

I'm slow.

usernametodd said...

Hey Brian,
Looks like my Yahoo spam guard has been grabbing blog comment notifications. Maybe marking it "not spam" will solve the problem. I just switched to Firefox Beta and I'm slowly dealing with the surprises. Now I've got to get rid of the word verification too, again.

Well hey, hope you've been well. I'll have to stop over at your Facebook and see what's been going on with you.

Yeah, this is still a good way to connect once in a while with people like you. Glad you liked the little thought about "pride".

Bhedr said...

Can I use it or refer to it in some posts?

Merry Christmas brother!

usernametodd said...

Sure Brian, feel free, we'll both just credit the Lord for it.

usernametodd said...

A Merry Christmas to you too!