Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Last Night I Talked to a Man.

Last night I talked to a man who said he's been waiting his whole life for me to call. He had one simple question, the answer to which everyone around him knew but would not tell him. A question not many of us have. Why did he not have the name of his father on his birth certificate? The name all of his brothers and sisters had? Who was his father?

When I told him who I was he didn't know how he could ever even thank me enough. That he's been waiting his whole life to hear someone tell him the truth in this regard.

We're brothers.

Can a man have a half brother? I can't. Did the sons of Jacob, the nation of Israel, consider themselves half brothers? They came from a total of four different mothers. The Lord's own family from which He said all the nations of the world would be blessed. Did the Lord refer to them as half brothers? No, He did not. Did they refer to themselves as half brothers? No. Either a man is a brother or he's not. This guy is my younger brother; whether I like it or not. He's a gift. And, on top of that, he's a very neat guy. What a blessing the Lord has delivered to both of us.

Does he have any idea of the initiating I have stored up for a younger brother?

I talked to him for three hours last night. I'll meet him, finally, this Saturday. He's coming right up from downstate.

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