Sunday, April 06, 2008

"O My Gawd!"-(finally updated)

My daughter, bless her concerned heart, has long been getting into discussions with her friends about their use of the phrase "Oh my god!" She doesn't even like it when they say "Oh my gosh!" because it's the same thing spelled differently. Her average friend does not know quite how to handle her unyielding disapproval of language that is disrespectful toward God.

I tell her that even though she has a valid concern most of them will not get it, no matter how valid, because saying "Oh my god/gosh" is so popular and widely accepted. That even though it's being disrespectful toward God to use His name in a "vain", "empty" sort of way, it's not our problem. And if they insist that it's harmless then it's not up to us to force the way we do things onto them. This strong language is the only way I can get her to back down. Her father is extremely proud of the Lord for placing such strong conviction inside of her about this and now he realizes that he's got to teach her about the power the Lord has placed inside of her to allow her to manage this conviction properly.

And while I had a nice post written up this afternoon, something happened, autosave problems began to mount, and with one push of the wrong shortcut button my post disintegrated into cyberspace with only it's inadequate blurry remains left in my memory. So in a day or two I'll be able to pick up on this and give it another shot.

So my whole point here is to get some stuff down on record that my daughter and I can refer to.

The thing that immediately comes to our mind when God's 'name' comes up is thanksgiving and worship. As it probably is with most Christians.

When people use the phrase they are generally expressing dismay, anger or amazement. They're not seeking God's presence, His approval, even His help. They're expressing the same emotion that, when strong enough, turns into violent profanity. It never is actually about God. It's just a selfish and empty 'exclamation' usually related to confusion.

There is usually nothing 'about God' in saying "Oh my god". And if there's nothing about Him in it then His name is being misused 'vainly', in an empty and wasteful way. If one is saying "Oh my god" and 'is' referring to Him, then it's being disrespectful since He's told us not to refer to Him that way. And it would also stand to reason that if it's not about Him, then it's referring to a false god. The very Creator of all things has offered us an intimate relationship with Himself wherein He has asked us to remember that He is The God. Our God. "Hallowed be Thy name". A hallowed name that is not thrown around "with no purpose".

His name is to be honored. We call upon It for our salvation. It represents our Truth in a fleeting messy world.

The phrase "Oh my god" is often used by non-christians to connote the god of their particular concern of the moment. The weather god, the god of luck or good fortune, or 'this', or 'that' god. It's a phrase used commonly by people who have rejected the one true God who's revealed His Son and proved Himself to all men by raising Him from the dead. We don't want to share their vernacular. It's empty and presumptuous at best for them to talk that way and it's a way we don't want to imitate.

The biggest excuse I hear for justifying the use of the phrase "Oh my god!" is that friends and parents do it and, moreover, don't have a problem with it. That would be getting your authority from our friends and aquaintances instead of our Bible. Again, a very compromising position concerning the showing of respect for our Father God who has offered us a place in His kingdom.

I probably should be but I'm not quite done yet. I'm just thankful things let up a little so I was able to get back to this. Sorry it took so long. I'm eager to post some more on the blessing my church has been to me lately but want to get through this thing first. His kingdom come.


Anonymous said...

Been there, done that with a school assignment. Arrrrrgggggh!

I have always been uncomfortable about the god/gosh issue. And yet I hear Christians use it all the time. I will talk to my daughter about why it is important to be respectful to God. God bless you as you work to raise your special daughter. Alice

Todd said...

Well thanks Alice, and that all is well with you and your special daughter under His blessing as well. Todd

Steve said...

Bless her heart to have such convictions!

Todd said...

Isn't that amazing Steve? Yeah, we just say "oh my goodness!", and it seems to work just as well. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

However, in some churches "goodness" is another name for God because of His goodness. Much of slang has its roots in being disrespectful to God. "Oh well...." (that's probably another). Alice

Todd said...

Wow, interesting Alice. Believe it or not, I'm one to just say "oh my!" But that's an even harder one to teach.

Only Look said...

Thats the only thing about extreme home makeover. At the end they constantly say that. It would be great to hear somebody say, "Praise the Lord!"

Todd said...

Hey, I like that Brian, that would be great.

J. Wendell said...

I have asked Lou Martuneac as politely as I can (several times) to stop emailing my wife with his derogatory, intimidating, high-minded, and threatening, letters. This drove me to my wits end. He has backed off for a while until just recently. It has come to my attention that he has started the harassment again.

Is he going about the blogosphere looking for every American girl to pick on? Does he email your wife when you have told him to stop? Do you know anything about this annoying anonymous blogger other than his oft repeated boast, “I have written a book?”


Todd said...

I'm afraid not John. Only that he's shown he has 'stalker-like' tendencies which probably has a lot to do with his not very widely read book or blog.

From what I've seen of him he's a very unreasonable character so don't take him personally. I'm sure he'll soon go away.


Lou Martuneac said...

To All:

This morning I sent an apology via e-mail to Rose and John. The apology was NOT for having included Rose in a bulk e-mail. My apology was in regard to how I reacted to John’s two paragraph comment that I find disingenuous on several levels.

Never-the-less, my reaction was not right, the Holy Spirit convicted me of it, and I responded to Him. I immediately deleted my reply, posted both a public apology and the e-mail to Rose and John I mentioned above.

Furthermore, in the e-mail apology I also asked for their forgiveness.

Even though both Rose and John have been active in the blogs today, neither of them have acknowledged nor accepted my apology. Neither one has indicated or written to forgive me as I requested.

And when ye stand praying, forgive, if ye have aught against any: that your Father also which is in Heaven may forgive you your trespasses. But if ye do not forgive, neither will your Father which is in Heaven forgive your trespasses,” (Mark 11:25-26).

I did my best following my conscience and the leading of the Holy Spirit to make this right and bring closure. Unless I hear otherwise, it appears Rose and John are not willing to bring closure.

If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and cleanse us from all unrighteousness,” (1 John 1:9).

As far as I am concerned this is a closed issue and under the blood, whether or not Rose and John will respond appropriately.


Todd said...

How you reacted in a private email to John is of little relevance to anyone but John and yourself. If you're going to make it a matter of public concern then I think it becomes a continuation of the original problem, as posed by John, which is, in my view, the narrow obsession you have with the righteousness of your views regarding the precise content that 'faith' must have in order for it to save a person.

What is a little concerning though is that you are still out there over-dramatizing this point you are trying to make to Rose, who does not differ greatly with you, but only with your narrowness.

Good grief Lou, you didn't give them an apology. You've got a demand stacked at their doorstep for forgiveness, wherein, if they don't meet that, you've got God's condemnation waiting for them(see your remarks above), after which you're sure to be wanting yet another apology. I not sure whether that's disingenuousness or blindness.

If you want closure, and want to follow your conscience like you say you do, then listen close and your conscience should be telling you, "Hey, Lou, more emails to John and Rose!"

Peace in every circumstance,

Anonymous said...

Good answer Todd, Alice

Rose~ said...

I have trouble with this. I think your "oh my" is a good solution. I am going to try to change over to that when using an expression of this nature.

That is great that you pay attention to those details with your daughter. God bless.

Todd said...

Hi Rose,
Yeah, "oh my" doesn't quite pack the emotional impact but it seems to suffice. As you can see above, I always keep a "good grief" on hand if I just have to really let something fly.

I come from a background where it was ordinary to say "goddamn this" or "goddarn that", and all those exclamations are still there just waiting to mindlessly come leaping out. It gets much easier year by year to get rid of the old and walk in the new. God bless.

Lou Martuneac said...


You wrote "If you're going to make it a matter of public concern..."

Who made this a "public concern?" (See 3:21am)


Lou Martuneac said...


You also wrote, "Rose, who does not differ greatly with you...."


More than once I asked both Rose and John to show me one article they wrote at their blogs that explains in detail why they reject the Crossless interpretation of the Gospel. Answer: Crickets....

John says the CG is a “doctrinal nuance.” Rose says it is just a “theory.”

Rose has taken great efforts to defend not just the CG, but the extremism of its most vocal advocate Antonio da Rosa.


Todd said...


You made your private email a "matter of public concern" by plastering your announcement of it right above. So the answer to your question would be, "Lou did".

Lou, John and Rose are taking a non-condemnatory position of cautious neutrality against these honorable brothers in Christ whom you are prosecuting. Will you not be happy until all are burned at the stake?

Shortly here Lou, I'm very joyfully going to throw all of these comments in the trashcan. So gleen from them what you may while they're here and be thankful that I had the questionable judgement to even reply in an attempt to give my true feelings for you to ponder.

Slow down and let the gracious and wise things you've been told elsewhere sink into your understanding of this matter of yours. Take care.


Lou Martuneac said...


Apparently, you can't follow the chronology of you own thread here.

"John and Rose are taking a non-condemnatory position of cautious neutrality against these honorable brothers in Christ."

No, it is a New Evangelical compromise position that they have taken, which I have discussed with them.

"honorable?" Do you mean Antonio's Sock Puppet: fg me and Jim Johnson's massive plagiarism?


Trash away!

Todd said...

Alright, then discuss it with them Lou. And if they don't reach your narrow personal conclusions, then I believe there is a tradition here somewhere where you arrest them and throw them in the dungeon.

Lou Martuneac said...


You wrote, " thankful that I had the questionable judgement to even reply in an attempt to give my true feelings for you to ponder.."

Followed by, "...where you arrest them and throw them in the dungeon."

Should I be "thankful" for your "true feelings" in the latter reply, which betray the emotion and flesh behind your words?


Todd said...

You've got some funny ideas on how to spend your time Lou.