Thursday, January 03, 2008


Using left-over egg nog on raisin bran is something you may not want to try. Although it did get my feet to warm up this morning.

I will not be installing satellite dish's for Directv this winter. It's a field directed toward folks who want to marry a 6-7 day workweek plus holidays and I'm not on this planet to get rich but rather to raise my kid and it's very hard for me to do both. Although being solvent would be nice and I'll continue to work toward that goal. In the meantime, it's a spiritual windfall for me during the winter when I can let the fruit of the Spirit grow within me, being fed by spending time consuming the Lord's word, and bring my life to a greater understanding about the riches which the Lord has prepared and revealed for us. Invaluable stuff. Well worth the 27% interest it's costing me for letting my credit card get out of control; a price one has to pay sometimes for not having a savings; and truly a costly and foolish way to subsidize one's life.

But there's better income in farriering than there is in dish installing.

So enough off-season supplemental job hunting and back to redeeming that elusive thing which I now have, which we refer to as... "extra time". Time to go after things everlasting in value which are unsurpassed by anything else here on earth. Things that money can't buy; but that only "time" can. Although, it's just a shame, once you've wasted a lot of "time", how much money it takes to get any more of it.

Or perhaps the whole process opens the door up for the gradual aquiring of God's wisdom and the spiritual strength and growth that will follow.

Eph 5:16
"making the most of your time, because the days are evil."

1Ti 5:13
"At the same time they also learn to be idle, as they go around from house to house; and not merely idle, but also gossips and busybodies, talking about things not proper to mention."

Ga 6:9
"Let us not lose heart in doing good, for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary."

O the useful gift of time.


Only Look said...

The last verse is especially encouraging. My dad almost put one of those dishes up until he found out the only place for it would be on his new roof and so he turned it down.

Yeah, stay away from those credit cards. I have had some lessons to learn there:-)

Your kid is going to be blessed.

I wonder if going from blog to blog and being busy bodies is the same as house to house:-)

Ah but this is a good place to stop in from time to time and simply be real.

Todd said...

Hey Brian, great to have you stop by.

I've got the cheap Directv package. Well, I just scaled down recently. I hardly ever watch the thing but she watches cartoons. I'll watch the news and when I'm worn out it's nice to have some National Geographic Channel or the like to watch together. Now with the DVR's they're giving away we can look ahead and capture the good programs to store up for when we have some down time. Well, when we were young we probably couldn't imagine life when there were no tv's, but now it would have to be hard for most kids to imagine having no remote control and, two or three channels, and having to get up and bang on the nob once in awhile to clear up the picture. She's only eight and I'm already telling her about the things that weren't even possible, like the DVR, when she was younger. Whew!

And so it is.

Hey, just a few minutes ago I got about one third of my credit card balance off my 27% interest card and onto a 9% interest card. Things are looking up.

I just continually thank the Lord for the abundance of time I've had thus far to raise my daughter. So far, so good, and He's given me the means, a physically demanding but well paying job, to carry me well into the future.

Glad you were able to stop by. I've been extremely blessed to have your aquaintance Brian. Hope everything's well by you. See you next time. Lord's with us, Todd