Sunday, April 29, 2007

Wisconsin River Hike.

Please let me tell you about my Wisconsin Rver Hike the other day just a remote mile downstream of the Camp Ten Ski Hill where I lived when my daughter was born.

So off we went four-wheeling it back to the so-named Whirlpool Rapid. It's actually on the map in the Delorme Wisconsin Road Atlas. I knew it was a pretty spot but had never yet seen it with a log jam that enabled us to get 3/4 of the way across the river. Nice surprise.

Here is a view looking upstream from below the rapid.

Deanta had just followed my reading glasses tube downstream for a hundred yards, after it had fallen out of my pocket, until she was able to snatch it from an eddy. So she was feeling pretty good about herself after I proclaimed her the hero.

Now she was going to survey things until the quest for adventure would overtake her and her dad and they would walk the log bridge to get to the center island.

Here's a view looking downstream from atop the log bridge.

Dad was the first one over while Deanta held the camera very steady finally for a nice clear picture.

Here's the Head guide with tummy protruding from too many chocolate Easter eggs.

Almost there.

Now here's the log between the first and second island. Pretty tame.

And then we ran out of logs and could just peer across at the opposite shore.

Here's the island.

The view upstream from center.

Upstream looking back at the log bridge.

Fun hike.


Just practicing for the next log jam over Bond Falls.


A very scenic little falls 45 minutes north of Eagle River WI.



Leo said...


A hike like that will burn off the affect of those easter egg, heh?

Your lovely daughter is quite brave traversing those rocks over the rapids. How old is she?

Dawn said...

I'm with Leo. She is a brave little girl traversing the rocks over the rapids!

Great pics! Thanks for sharing.

Todd said...

Isn't that something. She's turning 8 in July. I don't know if the fact that our birthdays are two days apart is partly why we both enjoy alot of similar things. She's the kind of kid where she may just see a neat spot out the car window as we're driving and want to pull over and hike it. And up in these rural areas full of public and/or paper company land that can be alot of fun.

That one picture of her on the log in the river I brightened a little and you can see the apprehension in her face.