Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Not a Bad Day For Evangelism.

A few loose ends came together for us and my pastor's sermons are now digital. This is a good day for evangelism. I'm still pinching myself to make sure Jeff is really here in this way out-of-the-way northwoods community that I likewise chose to settle in, and is teaching the bible very commendably. And now is he not only less isolated evangelically but I won't have to be sending as many tapes in the mail or spending as much of the church's money.

For the past three or four years Pastor Jeff has been working his flock through the bible on Sundays at roughly a chapter a week, the first half hour looking at the chapter and the second looking at it's living relevance to life today and the rest of Christ's living word, in an effort to build up and strengthen his church as people prepared to serve and glorify the Lord in their lives.

This would be the link to his first digital sermon:

He's managed to do it at virtually no expense by using the freely available resources of the internet, and alot of tenacity.


Bhedr said...

Thats great Todd!

Sounds like a great Pastor.

What an exciting time to be alive. Our technology has made virtually everything user-friendly. Even toilets are pressure operated now.

We've got just about every base covered.

Todd said...

It truly is amazing how technology is evolving and the routines of our lives are evolving with it.

I got involved in this Christmas chorus at the local conservatory of music to work on my voice some since to use more with my piano playing. It is headed up by this great tenor who sings in this other huge Ascension Lutheran spring choir festival I became involved in. We rehearse for 6-7 weeks and then perform. I was pleasantly surprised to find that all the song selections were inspirational Christian music by John Rutter, Antonio Vivaldi and others. But the biggest surprise was after getting a bunch of complicated musical scores that I had never heard and now somehow had to learn quickly, I returned home and within half an hour had found great versions of all of them at on-line at Rhapsody.com. They did everything but sing it for me. All free. I even ordered a bunch of it without leaving my chair and it was in my mailbox in 3 days.

It is truly exciting what a huge tool technology is, especially now that it's more and more user friendly.

I'm almost dreading the day when remote laptop service will be universally available because I will probably not be able to completely resist the distraction.

Hope your own church transitioning is going well Brian. Catch up with you next time!

Bhedr said...

Thanks Brother...cool I would love to have heard that.

Yeah church is going great actually now. My oldest son is still not happy and I allow him to attend his old youth group certain nights and to stay in touch with those good group of kids.

Hey my new Pastor actually uses his laptop as we dont have a pianist and he punches music via his setup that we sing along to. Of course his kids came back from Bible college at Crown college in Tennesse and played the organ and piano. It would be nice to have you around here. of course the computer music is fine.

Todd said...

Wow, glad to hear you found a church that suits you. Good that your boy can be a little creative and still see his same friends.

That's why you like your new Pastor so much because he's computer saavy? (kidding). Computers just have a lot to offer these days.

And nothing says you can't lead hymns with a recording. Perfect, and who knows who might come out of the woodwork these days besides your Pastors kids and play one of the keyboards.

Your Pastor's a lucky guy and stands to learn alot with a guy like you around.

I'm looking forward to after Thanksgiving when I can post some on-line versions of those song selections from the Christmas chorus I'm singing in. It's just flat powerful and great sounding stuff.

Todd said...

...Or what I might instead have said, Brian, is that he'll be exposed to a lot of valuable insight with a guy like you around. I don't want to suggest that he's not gifted as well.

Bhedr said...

Thanks Todd...but you know I am learning greatly from Him as he is immersed in the word and lives it well. He is very mananged and a has good management skills as well as very charitable. It is almost to good to be true on that front. Our Sunday School teacher is great as well.

I am greatly edified by your comments throughout blogdom as well.

Todd said...

That is great news of your Pastor, Brian, and thanks for your encouragement.

H K Flynn said...

I'm listening now, Todd :) And I'm going to jump on the heresies :0

he he he

Congratulations to your church for pushing the envelope and getting the Word out.

Todd Saunders said...

Jeff needs to be jumped on once in a while. But he's his own person, very devoted to the Lord, and a very knowledgeable teacher. I don't think you'll go away dissappointed in his fervor and focus. Glad your out doing a little blogging over this way Jodie. Hope you have yourself a good day of worship and a joyful rest of the weekend.

Bhedr said...
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Bhedr said...

It is also great and I champion again that you are in an Independent Bible believing Church. God sanctifies one church at a time. One church at a time. Goodness what we have to worry with when we feel we need to get the mote out of headquarters eye and affiliation conventional churches both national and at state levels. Thank the Lord he only intended for us to worry obout our local area for we cannot add one cubit to the stature of these other denominations. Sufficient to the Church is the area thereof:-)

May the Lord continue to bless and refine your bible believing body.

Todd Saunders said...

Isn't that great Brian? I could never go back to anything that hints of denomination now.

I'm really astounded at what a workhorse my pastor is-blog,fresh bible study every week, riveting relevant sermon every week, newsletter, other devotionals-and I can't help but think that part of reason he can produce a fair amount of substance with decent scriptural relevance and teaching is that he's not tied down by satisfying church headquarters, formalities, overblown finances and so on. So I really appreciate your perspectives on the local bible based christian church.

Bhedr said...

Amen! So Amen!