Monday, April 10, 2006


To whomever it might be of interest. I really am trying to get at the topic listed at my last post. My busy season is upon me but I have a few good windows in the coming two weeks. Should be plenty of time to get a serious post up. In the meantime, anybody ever have a dog they really liked? We had eleven good years that ended peacefully a few years ago.

Above, we were moving back from California where I'd been working at river rafting and construction for 7 years. That was 14 years ago. So the dog's been gone about three years now. I don't miss him anymore, I thought I'd just fill up some space with a little of my available photo history.

The good old Sierra Nevadas

Tuolemne river canyon.

Too much sunshine.

Trying to figure out how to get the people on the rock, and their boat that's buried against it in the water beneathe them, back up and running downstream again, before dark.


Rose~ said...

Hi Todd,
We have a dog that we love!
We adopted her back in October. Every day we say how she is the best dog in the world (and we should know something about bad dogs: we had a beagle. When she was a year old, the first child was born and she never liked him. Then, when the second child came, she got even worse. She was so bad! We had to give her away via ad in the paper.)

This dog is 100% different. We are blessed (and we weren't just a little nervous about getting another dog after our last experience.) Our hearts are full of thanks for Cookie.

Your Airdale was cute. Looks like you know how to have fun!

Dyspraxic Fundamentalist said...


Great photos, though.

God Bless


Todd said...

Yes Rose, nothing better than a good dog. But the bad(loud) ones outnumber the good ones by far so far as I have seen. I'd lived in cenral KY for 4 years and worked at a place that owned four Airdales so I sort of fell in love with their double hunter/friendly personality. Got back to N. WI and checked the animal shelter and their was this guy. He was good for a lot of laughs. I took him everywhere (I mean everywhere). Most people remembered his name better than they did mine(Dale). So my daughter never has to complain about not being able to come along.

Todd said...

Neat dog and neat adoption post by the way Rose.

Todd said...

Hi Matthew,
A bad dog can be a real curse. I particularly liked when my Airdale used to climb up on my lap. He would get a little funny when I would try and kiss him.

Hattigrace said...

Hey Todd,

Just came by to wish you a Happy Easter/Resurrection Celebration Day and was so happy to see a post about everyday living complete with wonderful photos. More?

Often dogs/cats from shelters make the best pets b/c of their gratitude factor. Or that is my theory, at least!

Blessings to you and yours, hg

Todd said...

Hi HG,
It's nice to see your still out blogging and fellowshipping and learning with the rest of us. I'm determined to refresh as much as possible with personal things for blog friends to survey, afterall I am a person.

Thanks for the well wishing on our favorite Christian celebration day and the chance to wish it back to you(and your pets).

Blessings to you too. Todd