Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Viewer Caution Advised

Posted by Picasa Me. In the flesh. Just in case you were curious.


Rose~ said...

You look like a nice person.

There is an easier way to post pics. When you are doing a post, there is a little icon right above the area where you type. In the tan area, it kinda looks like a little landscape square. You click on it and you can then insert a photo into your post and move it to wherever you want within your text. As long as your photo isn't of too high resolution, it works just fine and is much easier than messing around with that picasa or whatever it is.

Your daughter is cute! She looks similar in attitude to our 7 yr old daughter.

Todd said...

Hi Rose,
Wow, I don't know how I missed that easy little image posting icon. I can't thank you enough for the pointer.

So you and John have one of those little gifts too? She's a lucky kid to have such a spiritual leader of the family as John. And for that matter equally as important spiritually to have you too, as the other leader. And what a reprieve it is when they go off to school in the morning too! Out there to see what makes the world go around so that she can see the nice contrast of choices we have in this life. So far so good, we've been very fortunate so far. Except with her dad's mastery of the computer. Glad you made it by. Talk to you next time. Todd

Rose~ said...

I missed the icon for about a month too.

John and I have three little gifts. 5, 7, and 9.

Going to school is good. No homeschooling here!